Sinus infections are extremely common during the winter months, even in Florida. A sinus infection can cause aggravating and annoying symptoms that prevent patients from feeling well. Pain, congestion, and nasal discharge are all commonly experienced when a patient has a sinus infection.  The symptoms may last anywhere from 10-28-days. This can cause patients to miss school, work or holiday family functions. To prevent sinus infections this winter in Florida, patients are encouraged to take the following steps to prevent sinus infections.


Step #1 to Prevent Sinus Infections: Keep Your Hands Clean and Sanitized

This is the most important step to prevent sinus infections. Viruses that cause the common cold spread rapidly during the winter months. You should frequently wash your hands:

  • Before and after eating
  • After using the bathroom
  • After going to the gym
  • After touching public objects (handrails, door knobs, elevator buttons, etc.)

You should also make a conscious effort to wash your hands after shaking hands with numerous people. Never put your unwashed hands near your nose or mouth. If you do not have access to soap and a sink, hand sanitizers can be used. These convenient products kill germs quickly.


Step #2 to Prevent Sinus Infections: Keep Your Nasal Passages Moisturized

Nasal passage dryness can lead to sinus pressure and pain. To keep your nasal passages moisturized, use the following:

  1. A humidifier. Using a humidifier machine while you sleep ensures you breathe clean, fresh, and humid air.
  2. A saline nasal solution. Spraying your nose with a normal saline solution when it feels dry ensures your nose stays moist.
  3. A nasal irrigation system. Flushing the nasal passages with a nasal irrigation system eliminates congestion and pain. Patients who are interested in purchasing a nasal irrigation system should ask their ENT specialist for their expert opinion.

By following these three measures, your nose and nasal passages will stay healthy and you will not be in pain.


Step #3 to Prevent Sinus Infections: Prepare Your Home

Your home may contain viruses and allergens. You should prepare it for the winter by disinfecting frequently used surfaces like counter and desktops. You should also keep your windows closed during the morning hours so allergens can not enter.  Vacuum your carpets and sweep your floors to get rid of dust and dirt.


What to Do If You Get a Sinus Infection

In the event that you have a sinus infection that has not gone away after 2 or more weeks, please contact our offices in Palm Beach, Fort Myers or Ocala.  An appointment will be made so Dr. Neil Goldhaber can evaluate, diagnose, and treat your infection. You can expect a quick recovery when you choose our practice!


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